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AeroRopes™ is a unique training system designed by Lisa Gaylord, one of the country’s leading fitness experts.  With over 30 years of experience in the marital arts and fitness industries, Lisa is a respected authority who has been featured in a variety of publications, videos and television programs.  A weapons specialist, she is a former national kickboxing and karate champion who holds seven black belts.  The inventor of Kardio Kombat™, her expertise spans all areas of the fitness industry, including spin cycling, personal training, and nutrition counseling.  Drawing on her extensive fitness knowledge, Lisa designed and created one of the most exclusive and effective training systems available…AeroRopes™.


AeroRopes™ “aerobic ropes” uses lightweight, easily maneuverable ropes designed to improve cardiorespiratory conditioning while developing and increasing muscular strength, power and endurance.  Combining the very essence of functional training with continuous High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), AeroRopes™ improves core strength, balance and coordination while placing minimal stress on the joints.  The patented design of the AeroRope™ makes this workout accessible to everyone, regardless of age or level of athletic fitness.

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