Frequently Asked Questions


How are AeroRopes™ different from other rope training systems?

The AreoRopes™ training system is unlike any other form of rope training due to the exact measurements of length, width (grip) and weight of the rope.  This patent pending formula was created over several years of trial and error.  With other methods, the ropes can only be used for short durations of time.  Most people find the ropes too heavy and too large in width to handle comfortably.  Whatever your age or level of fitness, AeroRopes™ is a workout accessible to everyone!

What are the dimensions of the AeroRope™?

The AeroRope™ is 25 feet in length; 12.5 feet from center hub to participant.  It is 5 lbs in weight with a 1” diameter handle.

Why 10 AeroRopes™ in a Club Pack?

When designing the perfect set up for a group exercise class, we took into consideration the functionality of most exercise facilities and studio square footage.  Although each AeroRope™ extends to 12.5 feet, from hub to participant, each participant in an AeroRopes™ circle takes up much less space, which allows for 10-15 people in a regular studio, or up to 20 or 30, in our signature boot camp style workouts.  We worked with more ropes in the development stages and found that 10-15 ropes allow maximum movement and flexibility for each participant.  We also found the ability to look across the hub and watch your fellow participant to add an additional level of motivation and excitement.

Why AeroRopes™ and not traditional battle ropes?

For most people, battle ropes are too heavy, too long and way too big to hold and to workout with for an extended period of time.  

AeroRopes™ is a total body rhythmic cardio work out.  It combines HIIT, cardio, strength and agility training in a 45 minute workout set to great music!  The workout burns from 500 to 900 calories per session.  And it will deliver results that will transform your body!!!

What makes an AeroRopes™ workout so special?

AeroRopes™ is easy to pick up, as natural as tapping your foot to music beats.  It’s accessible to everyone, all ages and ability levels are able to participate.  It provides a total body workout that will train your balance and coordination, while increasing your cardiorespiratory fitness and building your lean muscle mass.  

As a unique and added benefit, since it’s done in a circle, an AeroRopes™ workout creates a sense of connectedness and inclusion from each participant in the group exercise circle.

In addition to the physical movement, the music is an integral part of the workout as well. Listening and moving to music involves every part of the brain.  Drumming along to the AeroRopes™ tempo gets your brain and body involved.  Music an rhythm affects emotion, involves a deep level our brain and helps us heal.  Our body and the AeroRope™ together creates a natural instrument! 

Why did you choose a 5lb, 25-foot AeroRope™ with a 1” diameter grip?

Many years of research were put behind finding the “perfect” length, width and weight of the AeroRope™.  ‘With AeroRopes™, participants can workout for a longer period of time and complete overhead work...this could never be done with traditional ropes!

The AeroRope™ gives participants instant feedback.  The undulation works immediately to the participants’ strength and energy level.  The system works like an electrical current.  The more energy you apply the more fluid the rope becomes!